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Re: Are We Wasting Our Time?



Ok, we’re not going to put every service on the internet in one site. We’re going to do certain services that involve social networking. Also the services that we will be offering is going to be on different sub-domains as well on different services.

Let me give you an example:

We’re working on a service for artist and people who love music (similar to purevolume).

On our site they would be on and this service would be on one server.

Another network would consist of people who are looking for sitters.

They also would be on another sub domain with it’s own server.

So, there would be no bloating. Yes and of course we would integrate other services into our site like google and yahoo. We don’t wont to be a hub for other services. I mentioned facebook and myspace just because of the apps they provide. Facebook has also a business industry that will be part of our services as well. I should have explained myself a little better. Social Networking could be more advanced then what it is today. Why join multiple sites when you could get more than one service on one site? Maybe at the most we would have 10 whole services that would hopefully attract a large group. These services would be popular among internet users. I hope this makes better sense. We just need to know what wordpress can and can’t do. If we’re wasting our time then we might as well throw out wordpress and start our own platform. That would mean deleting everything including members. Maybe I will do a survey of the 10 or so services that we want to offer and see what the public would think. Sorry for the long post.

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