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Re: Are We Wasting Our Time?



I like the way you’re thinking (thinking BIG!) but I must say that I am also a bit confused in what you are trying to offer.. By the sounds of it you are trying to appeal to a massive userbase of totally different kinds of people.. For instance you are talking about business directories and music artist communities on the same network..

I’m affraid that you’ll need to develop a HUGE amount of stuff to keep only those two parties happy, because they both need different stuff.. You can offer them the most generic social networking functions like Videos, Groups, Blogs and profiles, but users will not use your site if they can use other social network sites which are more fully featured and totally meant for a specific userbase (Artist/Business Networking)

I’m not trying to demotivate you, I’m just saying that maybe you should try to put your goals a bit lower and try to get a community running for a certain kind of user. For instance I’m working on a social network site for people with Cystic Fibrosis (disease) and for this alone I need to tons of work making my site appealing to my targeted userbase!

Good luck with everything, and I do wish you all the best :)

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