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Re: At my wit\'s end with custom theming …



I think I’ve got a lock on this, thanks to everyone’s help.

@Xevo – It does seem like I ought to be able to query the body classes, or at least use them for styling purposes. I actually started a bit earlier in the file, at about line 1342, finding bp_is_profile_component(). With this I was able to isolate the profile page from all others. This seems to be functioning properly for now, but it still looks like I’m going to have to query for each type of buddypress component. I have not yet seen anything that functions like a bp_is_component(), combining all these together. Doesn’t seem that difficult to do in the next core, if it doesn’t already exist. It would just be nice to have one tag that would check for any of the is_ functions between line 1250 and 1587 in bp-core-templatetags.php, and return true if any of the returns true.

Perhaps one function like this does exist already?

Thanks again for everyone’s input.

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