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Re: Autocomplete all users on the compose screen

Thanks! Works! This is actually basically what I had done but you accomplished it in a much better way!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Halifax Regional Search and Rescue thanks you :)

And by the way… I found out why my attempt “broke”. It actually didn’t break. Not exactly. I had been trying to send test messages to myself at a second member account with a BuddyPress profile name of “David Lewis (test)”. And it would always fail. I realized what was probably happening was the BuddyPress was thinking that “test” was the username… but it wasn’t. The autocomplete for that member was showing up as “David Lewis (test) (davidlewistest)”. “davidlewistest” was the username. I tried changing my BuddyPress name on that account to “David Lewis Test” and now it works.

Your code had the same issue of course. Not worried about it though. Who puts parenthesis in their BuddyPress name! Still… I think maybe I came across a REAL “bug” this time :D “Messages fail to send if members BuddyPress name contains parenthesis”.

Anyway… so either way worked (mine or yours) but I’m very grateful for a solution that doesn’t require me to touch the core.

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