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Re: Autogenerate or remove username



If so, the display name is still editable via the “Edit Profile” screen (like I stated above). Not sure what would happen if you attempted to change the display name… would it sync up with the usermeta table?

Yes it does, that’s what the original xprofile_sync_wp_profile() already did, although I think you can turn it off in the admin area. Even if you did that, it wouldn’t mess up anything vital.

My main concern was to consistently get a separate first name + last name in the database, because I need them for several other scripts. That only needs to happen on activation.

Also I needed to learn how to use the fullname value in a function so I could autogenerate a username from it.

Re: rearranging the signup page… BP 1.1 will enable you to move fields around on the sign up page. Check out as an example of a customized register page.

I need my site done before Labor Day or September 1st really. And the new more versatile template system does not solve any of my other issues.

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