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Re: avatar cropping: after upload, image and cropper don\'t appear, fails



So in my case I find the problem of why “upload avatar” doesn’t work.
It’s because of the BuddyPress Template pack plugin. When I use the bp default theme everything works perfectly.
When I use any wordpress theme that I made compatible with BuddyPress using the plugin bp Template pack I find exactly the same problem: Avatar Upload, private message, register… all of that doesn’t work… as soon as you click on the button “Submit” or “Crop” you go back to the same page and nothing happen?! It’s like the information wasn’t given at all…
There is a conflict somewhere that I can’t find!
Any Ideas???

[EDIT] Ok I solved the problem!!!
Ok so if none of the solution you have in this topic works for you it’s probably because you have a conflict between a js script in your default theme and a js script in your wordpress theme… take a minute tu disable all the js action in your wordpress theme ton test if it’s coming from there…

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