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Re: avatar cropping: after upload, image and cropper don\'t appear, fails



I was able to fix mine finally. While it may not be a conflicting plugin, it is quite possible that the theme you are using is calling its own scripts in away that makes the DOM skip BP’s loading of jCrop. (I could be way off and may not even be using the terms correctly. In the end, jCrop was inserting into the source code but it seemed like it would be after everything else had ran.) In my case, I looked into my theme’s folder, and found that it had its own “includes” folder. Inside this folder was a “scripts.php” function. From there, I read where it was pulling its scripts from. I then dropped the jCrop into the directory that it was looking into, and inserted the code to load up jCrop. It fixed it. I know this won’t work for you probably, but I hope that I was able to explain it enough of a way that you will be able to find and fix it similar to my example.

Hopefully this will somehow get fixed in the next update, but who knows how long it will take?

Good luck, and I wish I could give a more cookiecutter way of fixing it.

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