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Re: Avatar issues

John James Jacoby


My guess is that you were able to get that avatar back, or that they uploaded a new one, because it appears to me that they have an avatar now.

I haven’t looked into the specifics of what happens to an avatar once it has been uploaded, but what John S. Server Support is saying is that the anonymous user that is responsible for uploading an image to that directory on your server doesn’t have permission or that BuddyPress isn’t properly listening to the permissions of that directory.

I’m not sure how this is possible because BuddyPress does work for so many individuals in so many different situations. Running a directory permissions reset in a chronjob doesn’t really seem like a fix as much as it is a patch to an existing problem, because if it was working correctly it wouldn’t need a chron to go back and check its work.

To reiterate, you said what is happening is that the image gets uploaded, it’s physically on the server and visible in their profiles, and then out of no where the file just disappears out of the folder?

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