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Re: Avatar Problems – Upload failed! – Cannot move to upload folder



I had the same error.

I tried to change blogs.dir to 777 and the folders within it to 777, but my ftp gave an error.

Then I noticed was that my blogs.dir folder was “owned” by nobody.

So my server peeps changed the ownership of the folders,and I was able to make them 777. Then I noticed that mu/buddypress made a new folder “02” down a few folders.. but then I still got the upload error.

after many more emails my server admins found that:

The issue was that a directory needed to be created and given permissions of the web server.

hope this helps anyone with similar issues, and perhaps an update may be needed to the install documentation? not sure if it’s just me or my server issues though..

(fresh install with Mu V 2.7 and bpress beta2 I’m pretty sure)

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