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Re: Avatar Upload



Okay thanks jeff for the help, let me try to answer your questions as precisely as you have laid them out.

first off, I have pre-existing avatars in my blogs.dir, these avatars load fine, the thumbnails and everything else is there. Ive tried just using an empty blogs.dir and it still didnt work. I hit “change avatar” upload and get that error message.

My permissions for the entire blogs.dir are set to 777 so I think that would clear up any permission issues.

Im trying to use various formats for testing so far a png that was 800k and a jpg about the same, I have my limit set to 2500k

I have read lance’s post but unfortunately none of the methods helped.

I am using a customized theme, when I upgraded to the BP trunk as per andys instructions I copied only the functions and header files over for both my home and members theme. Everything is working properly. The BP_core and all plugin files were placed in the plugins/buddypress directory and are functioning fine.

as far as version of PHP, do you mean myadmin client or actual code, which is whatever its written in to begin with, Ive done minimal php editing besides a custom loop on the home page, mainly CSS edits.

I did not check and see if there where no files in the blogs.dir because there are files presently there, I will try again with an empy blogs.dir folder

Is there anything in the DB that controlls where the upload script tries to send the file to? because I went from a local setup to a server set up, maybe the upload button is still using the local domain?

I really need to get this working, any help is truly appreciated

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