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Re: Avatar upload failed

Jeff Sayre


Okay, so you have three additional WPMU/BP installs working without issue. This means that you have no avatar uploading problems with those installs. Is that correct?

If so, then what is different between those three installs and the malfunctioning one?

  1. Are all installs running the same versions of WPMU + BP?
  2. Are there any plugins in your malfunctioning install that are not being used in the other three?
  3. Is the theme different in your malfunctioning install but the same in the other three?
  4. Are the .htaccess files in the working three the same but different in any way in the malfunctioning install?

You need to narrow down the variables and focus on the differences between the installs, in particular what is the same in the three working installs that differs with the malfunctioning install.

I would also suggest contacting your ISP about that Apache error.

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