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Re: Avatar – Upload Image button resultes in 404 page not found



Thanks but I’ve gone through the whole thread already and even a few others and none of them fix the issue. I don’t think my case has been described there (i don’t think). The ‘Upload Image’ from the profile-change avatar page just goes dead – nowhere. It doesn’t even try to upload the image I point it to, no matter the size – there’s nothing in the expected folder locations and the perms have even been set to 777. I don’t get a bp or wp error page either. It’s just ‘page not found’ which is frustrating. I’m not a coder so I can’t tell how the calling function for that button operates. I’ve futzed around with the upload paths coded in bp-core-avatars (full url, trailing slash, etc.) and in the site settings in wordpress. I’ve tried nearly all of the mentioned ‘fixes’ in the post above but to no avail.

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