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Re: Avatar Upload Issues



We have avatar uploading problems only with some users. After checking directories I suspect the problem stems from active users PRIOR to buddypress integration.

All users that signed up after we installed buddypress have no avatar problems.

Users that were already registered in wpmu prior to our buddypress install can upload avatar files but they are incorrectly (not) processed.

E.G. a prior user may have a blog ID=120 but when they try to upload an avatar then a directory is created in the wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/avatars folder with number 131 (so not matching a blog ID).

Also the JPG files in that folder are not processed and retain their original name instead of the processed names like 7ba85e67359e35737060794b4690e67-bpthumb.jpg.

Hope this helps with debug ..

My question for now is: Is there a way to safely create a new avatar for the “broken” users through FTP while this bug is worked on ? e.g. can I create a folder with correct number and place image files in there ? (they would not have a processed name then) …

p.s. These users were assigned a random wavatar correctly at time buddypress was installed. It’s only when they change from random wavatar to their own pic that problems arise.

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