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Re: Avatar Upload Issues



@jjj : It seems to me that BP is not trapping the GD Lib error while creating a thumbnail when using wp_create_thumbnail function in bp-core-avatars.php around line no. 250 resulted, it render the Cropper UI without an image and without any error.

In this case while all file permission and everything are correct. But user won’t find his file on FTP because BP deletes the original file if its not in correct size.

So I would suggest that before reporting any avatar upload issue here on forum user should check that file permissions are correct and its creating thumbnails.

A very simple way to test this is.

1. Login to the admin interface with admin

2. Goto Media -> Add New and try uploading any image

– If upload works correctly, which means file permission are ok. If not check the file permission

– If upload works correctly, check that its creating thumbnails in 150X150 and 300X300 (default) for bigger images. This can be check by going to wp-content/blogs.dir/–Your Upload path–

If both are correct avatar upload might work.

Hope this helps :)

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