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Re: Avatar Upload Issues



I have been having a few problems with the avatars, the only ones that wants to work are the gravatars, which are fine but i want to offer my users something more, there are two questions that i would like to ask. The first is how do i get them to show? i have tried other peoples suggestions but nothing works, i do have GD Lib on the server, as i have used it for other projects so i know that isn’t a problem, what happens is i goto the change avatar part of my profile and try to upload it does upload to /wp-content/uploads/avatars/1 however the crop part dosent show any image at all, and other users have told me that this is happening as well. have you any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Also on a slightly less important note, i would like to change the default avatars that users can select, to fit in more with the theme of my site, is there a way to do this? I have a few created that i would like to use for members to choose from IF i can get this to work.

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