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Re: Avatars are not working any more…

Lance Willett


@Ninh – Sounds like you are on the right track. One word of caution, though: if you are manually copying files from one place to another it’s very easy to lose hidden files, like .htaccess files. These are very important and can cause problems with your install.

It’s highly recommend to start over with a new download or SVN checkout at the new server location so you are sure to get the correct setup.

@Dace – Same thing… if you upgraded and only copied certain files you can get into problems. If you are going to upgrade, it’s recommended that you replace the entire BuddyPress install (not just pieces).

Like I said before–and you can search the forums–this topic is very common and usually comes down to a few things: GD support, htaccess issues, or file permissions on the directory where the avatar images are uploaded to.

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