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Re: Avatars created(black) FTP upload of avatars works (why)



Just to add I have had a smilar no cropping issue (leaving black thumbs) and isolated the issue down to the WP Carousel plugin which iteslf resolved a previous issue I was having with an old jQuery image gallery!

I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place- have the nice image gallery rotating on the home page OR have the cropping fucntions working correctly wihtin BuddyPress :(

Weirdest issue with this jquery compatabilty theory is that I actually modified the WP Carousel plugin so it didn’t pull in it’s own jquery.js file so there SHOULD be no conflicts.

Will get in touch with the plugin authors but can I ask Jeff or anyone else what version of jQuery we can expect to see in the next BuddyPress update?

If I know this I can at least give the plugin developers a little more idea as to what I would like in an ideal world (after 1.2.6) but I can see some late nights getting friendly with jQuery ahead zzzz

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