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Re: Avatars for Groups

Burt Adsit


Nope. I’ve reproduced it on windows. Not on linux. I can’t figure out how parts of a member url: ( are getting into the group url. Lemme go check some things…

OK. I did reproduce your problem. You are logging into a subdomain on your site. You are going to ‘my account’ > groups > create a group and then do all the steps to create a new group/upload the avatar. I did that and it’s using a trash url to find the avatar. This only happens when you are logging directly in to a subdomain and not the mu root blog.

It’s using the wrong url when it stores the avatar url. It is using your ‘’ for the url and it should be using ‘’. The avs are there, it just thinks they are somewhere else. I’ll put in a ticket to trac. This is fixable now.

Like I said. You are not doing anything wrong. Try logging out. Going to the mu root blog Logging in there and then creating a group.

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