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Re: Avatars Not Uploading, No Crop Function, Constant Issue

Diesel Laws


The avatar folders are there and the main picture I upload is being saved in there, but it is not creating different sizes. On the page itself it is showing at this point SCREENSHOT-

So for some reason, the whole cropping function is not even working. And I have tried it by disabling all the plugins except for buddypress and it still does the same thing.

This morning I Automatically upgraded to the latest wordpress and latest Buddypress using the auto update buttons. I don’t really want to re-upload the whole thing again due to the time it takes and also (as it was just upgraded this morning) I do not believe it will change the current outcome. Unless you disagree then I will do it all again.

The main blog folder (which is number 2) is now 777 and re-uploading a new picture did the same thing. Picture shows up in the FTP area, but no crops and the page shows the SCREENSHOT again –

Apart from the glitch with the avatar not showing up to crop, I feel this is an issue that a lot of other people are facing but instead of fixing it they delete/ reinstall everything. And Im not really able to do that as the website has a few hundred poeple on it.

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