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Re: Avatars

Burt Adsit


Easy? You mean like going to McDonalds and getting a cheeseburger easy?

Or going to the store buying all the fixings, coming home and making a cheeseburger easy?

Line 34 of bp-activity-widgets.php is the spot that echos the sitewide activity stuff you see. The loop around it uses the var $item which is of the flavor ‘array’ containing amongst other things the condiment : $item. If you use the proper kitchen utensil : bp_core_get_avatar( $item, 1 ) you are well on your way to making a normal size burger. That gets you the 50×50 avatar.

If your really hungry you could use bp_core_get_avatar( $item, 2 ). That gets you the big avatar.

So, is it McDonalds today or the kitchen?

I think Charlie Stout’s talk about farming in relation to bp has made me hungry.

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