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Re: bbimg My attempt at photos…



ZenPhoto is a inetresting plugin that I’ll look at but the rest are based on a SINGLE blog system.. Many use “posts” to hold data just like WP does instead of actual management..

Not sure what you mean by “actual management”. My worry is that there will be lots of plugins that hook into BP-specific features, but are crap at what they’re actually supposed to do – processing/managing images, managing events, etc.

ZenPhoto is not written to use WP’s basic toolset either, but it is a very solid and versatile gallery script. I’m saying it would be much more useful to develop a plugin the works as a bridge between a program like ZenPhoto and Buddypress.

Kaltura was last written for 1.1 not 1.2

1.2 is not officially out yet. Several key BP plugins are apparently already breaking on WPMU 2.9.1. Good luck staying up-to-date with your project…

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