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Re: bbimg My attempt at photos…




I have read the brief now on what Andy is thinking for using activitymeta for all events, and I have figured a work around that would conform to that, but I am afraid of writing this full out on the current activitymeta tables structure only to have to have it changed up like crazy..

Many of the fields in activitymeta would work, and I see the benifit of a central structure but I have to ask,

Say all events are stored as activities, Blog posts, images being added, comments being made, etc for all members wont this create a ENORMOUS table within the database?

I mean, on my site now there are 3,000 members with at least 5 photos each, so thats 15,000 images plus each has at least 1 album, most have more so lets just say 5,000 albums. Then those can have comments, tags, etc. On my small site alone we are adding over 70,000 records to that single table that also holds all OTHER data and comments. And because we would be relying on that stream for the length of the site I would imagine hitting over 1 million records in the activity stream within maybe 3 months of active use. probably WAY more if the site grows as we forcast…

I think this would greatly reduce the response time of the database and jam up my average sized server…

Or am I wrong?

I need to move over to the DEV side of this and find the IRC channel..

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