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Re: bbimg My attempt at photos…




I havent registered at buddydev but from some of the things I read I think he and I are going about things differently.

First, I am needing this plugin for a site that I need, with that there are things that Brajesh wont be releasing on the first edition. And then it goes 3-6 months on that revision..

I will be using Rackspace’s Cloud files, so I need a solution to use ANY file host be it local or remote, so I am working around that issue as a primary.

Second is I will be needing tagging pretty much off the bat. One post said this was for later..

My plan for tagging will actually allow any user/group/etc to to be tagged to any type of content provided it has a ID. Not just photos.

Plus I am generating a “site ID” so a group and a user cant both have the same ID. Right now there can be user 33, Group 33, and Blog 33.. All unrelated.. this is a pain as every plugin or content would need a “entity type” for each tag, or a separate field for each type. With a siteID and a corresponding table its held in one place and accessed on the fly..

I am also using the core 2.9 image editing, as well as a free java app to edit files in the client side(see facebook’s java app)

I am not trying to compete (well directly) with Brajesh, his plugin looks great but there is some functionality that I need and would rather let other folks have the option to use it as well.

Most of the code is actually already written itno WordPress 2.9’s media tools.

For example, all of the image editing/uploading/unzipping is already core. The biggest thing is taking the content mapping OUT of a hidden blog post(right now all media is stored as a blog post within a users main blog, including avatars) and allow users who DO NOT have blogs to be able to use WordPress’s media tools..

My current plans are:

Created SiteID system(already done)

add new tables to handle images

give all users/groups a “home” album and then a “profile picture” album

Modify how avatars are uploaded/added to the database

modify/duplicate the media-upload to change the filepath and way files are uploaded to fit my needs

I also plan to release what Ive done in smaller stages(for free). If I hit a worth wile release I may charge like $5 for it and maybe some type of support system, I dunno.. I may just give it away and begin work on other projects. ( once this is done I dont see many “new” features… Facebook has been the same for 5 years)

Not to say I wont add new features, or continue support, just that I cant imagine more at this time..

ok Im rambling..

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