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Re: bbpress 1.0 integrates well now



I’m up and running on bbPress 1.0 as well!

Integration appears to work!

FYI, I was on bbPress 1.0 alpha 6 with BP 1.0.2.

Here’s what I did:

-Thanks to Burt and Sam (over at bbPress) for their instructions

1) Backup database

2) Backup bbPress forum plugins and themes

3) Deactivate all bbPress plugins from the bbPress admin area.

4) Comment out only the cookie-related lines in wp-config.php (Do not remove your defined KEYS or SALTS)

5) Manually upgrade bbPress to 1.0 (basically download bbPress 1.0 and overwrite the old bbPress files).

6) Download bbPress Integration plugin into your WPMU plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins)

7) Log in to WPMU and activate the bbPress Integration plugin.

8) In WPMU admin area, go to “Settings > bbPress Integration”.

Enter in your bbPress URL (eg. and for WordPress type, select “WordPress MU”.

Hit “Save Changes”.

9) Copy the now-generated “Manual Cookie Settings” to line 2 of your wp-config.php file.

Copy the bbPress define line into your bb-config.php file.

10) Log into your bbPress admin area.

At this point, a bbPress message should pop up asking you to upgrade the database. Do so.

Hopefully, bbPress should have upgraded successfully at this point.

11) Now login into the bbPress admin area, go to “Settings > WordPress Integration”.

Everything should already be set (if you used TheEasyButton’s tutorial for 1.0 alpha 6 that was the case for me!).

Hit “Save Changes”.

12) Reactivate all bbPress plugins.

13) Clear your browser cookies and attempt to login to WPMU and head to your bbPress forums URL. If you’re logged in to bbPress, mission accomplished!

14) If you have BuddyPress group forums enabled, login to your BuddyPress Groups (eg.

Go into each group’s admin settings area, and uncheck “Enable Discussion Forum” and “Save Changes”. Then re-check “Enable Discussion Forum” again and “Save Changes”.

This is what worked for me… can’t say it will work in all cases though!

Step #11 will probably differ for some depending on what they did before.

Now I got to update my custom bbPress theme for all the new changes made since 1.0 alpha 6!

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