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Re: bbpress 1.0 integrates well now



Thanks for your response Burt. I tried and tried all day yesterday to get this sucker to work. I swear I’m missing something obvious. Discussions absolutely refuse to be enabled. And I did check out the plugin info you linked to. I checked my phpinfo & am running everything that was suggested (but installed & tried the plugin anyways lol) so that must not be the problem.

At one point, I totally crashed WPMU and had some strange wp-header errors kicking out. That was quite a feat.

I guess my next step will be to try r-a-y’s instructions & hopefully the upgrade will work & I’ll be able to see what the deal is that I can’t just install from scratch. My head is starting to hurt from all the head vs desk slamming I’ve got going on. *laughs* I shall not be defeated!!!

TY to everyone that’s offered help. =D Much appreciated!!

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