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Re: bbpress 1.0 integrates well now



I have a couple of questions because I still can’t get my discussion to activate in groups. Integration is fine, but that dang “you must configure forums” warning won’t go away no matter what combination of codes & plugins I use.

1. “Upgrade to bbpress 1.0”

Upgrade from what? I’ve never been able to get an RC version to work so I’m running alpha 6.

2. By upgrade, do you mean install the new version or should I find an upgrade button somewhere? (not seeing one on alpha 6)

3. Buddypress enable plugin (from buddpress>>bp-forums)

Where did you put this? In my-plugins or bb-plugins or nowhere?

4. “Go into bbpress admin and the wordpress integration settings. Fill out the forms properly”

Anytime I EVER EVER (haha) try to change stuff in there, it totally boots me out of all of the bbpress logins. No login name/pw will work.

That’s it for now but I’ll probably be back with more questions. =D

**Edit — #5 (told ya I’d be back) Did you put the “allow user switching” code at the bottom of the bb-config?

Thanks =D

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