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Re: bbPress forums (general, not groups), how to get “buddybar”?

Burt Adsit


lol. This ‘buddybar’ thing I started is catching on. With all the right people it seems. I’m never gonna live this one down.

The buddybar(tm) relies on lots of mu specific stuff. It gets generated on each page load in mu. We ain’t in mu no more when we get to bbpress. I’ve been thinking about this issue also. A quick think tells me I might pass a global var from mu to bbpress that holds all the menu items that are useful to me over at bbpress. Then create a bbpress menu bar that builds a menu from that global. Same look, same items just not dynamicly built for each page load. Just gens it from the global each bbpress page load.

Just a quick think.

PHP var space is PHP var space. bbpress is just another hunk of code in PHP var space. Gotta go do some research on this php session stuff.

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