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Re: bbPress new topics and replies in BuddyPress Activity?

John James Jacoby


Yes, it is certainly not working correctly for me then. Crud. Yeah even when I try to post in the group forum through buddy press, it doesn’t work… Hmms… I’m going to need to retrace my steps this evening and see what is amiss…

I understand what you’re saying about non-group forums, and that makes perfect sense. I may eventually migrate all of my forums to be group forums, but we’ll see how things go…

Question. If I edit the group and disable the forum all together, what should happen? Currently, it seems to do nothing. It doesn’t delete the forum, and it doesn’t hide it from the view of bbPress. It just hides it from the BP group forum area.

This may be a silly question to ask at this point in the game but in the bbPress forums area of the site admin where it says “The username for the user (with admin rights) that you created for BuddyPress integration” is it safe to assume that this is the original admin user?

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