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Re: bbpress profile integrates with bp

John James Jacoby


That makes sense. I’m actually using a modified version of your oci_bp_custom.php that you linked me to previously, and I think I have a good understanding of how they all work together.

The problem is going to be getting the xprofile fields and data that I want to use, since there doesn’t seem to be a function that says “get all the users extended field data.”

I guess what I’m running into is that the xprofile data doesn’t seem to be in a variable or a global anywhere, because it isn’t really considered meta. It’s kinda like how $bp doesn’t carry around all of the messages in your inbox on every page load, it also doesn’t carry around all the xprofile fields.

Deep integration actually starts WPMU and BuddyPress before it ever touches bbPress, so all of the functions and variables and data I need and can access seem to be available within bbPress.

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