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Re: BBpress setup through buddypress plugin?



will that bring my topics over when i go to import it through buddypress?

No it won’t.

The integration guide above has nothing to do with BuddyPress. It allows you to integrate WordPress with an external install of bbPress (users, single sign-on).

If you want to integrate your external bbPress install with BuddyPress. Login to the WP backend, under “BuddyPress > Forum Setup”, choose existing install.
Then, you’d have to create a group and enable a forum for that group. Next, you’d have to manually bring in those topics via PHPMyAdmin.

Read the beginning and end of this post for more details:

i kinda want it working like this site does, i want to integrate my external bbpress into my wp blog, and make them work together

This site doesn’t use an external bbPress install anymore.

If i have to convert to wpmu, i will, if that’s the only way to get this working, and have all my categories/sub-forums, integrated into wp, through bp…..

Like I said above, it doesn’t make a difference what version of WordPress you are using.

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