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Re: Beginners Questions

@whitbyglennk Hi Glen,
As soon as I saw the name Whitby I thought “That rings a bell” and had to search back through the archives at CSSCreator, nice to see the domain flourishing although it was the ‘Sea Anglers’ site you were working on back then.

To clarify for the thread real-whitby is presently a WP site and quite an evolved and customised one.

As has been said you have all options available to you really as to which is the best one to take I’m not to sure, I think it’s fair to say the most work would be to activate BP on the primary root blog, creating a secondary blog would be an easier option but I’m tending to think that a physical subdomain i.e community.real-whitby the easier route along with user blogs as folders, community.real-whitby/glensblog.

I’m not entirely sure of the best approach, you’ll probably need to experiment on a localhost test install to get a feel for the amount of work required and how the various options work in practice.

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