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Re: Best way to integrate bbPress forums (not group forums)



Burt, this is the first time you yelled at me. :D

At least I know I’m doing the only option available to me at this point.

But… I was looking at Simple:Press the other day. It loads in a WP page and has more permissions/admin capabilities. Because it works as a WP plugin, the BuddyBar is in use there. In addition, because it is a plugin, you retain your regular sidebar/theme without having to do any tweaks — no making a separate forum installation “look” like it is the same.

I don’t know, looks pretty good. I set it up and everything and it worked fine in WPMU. Then I went back to bbPress. Was that stupid? The reason being that I’m worried that BP will support a general forum with bbPress one day and I want to stay in the loop if so, not wander off on another trail.

Any thoughts?

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