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Re: Best way to integrate bbPress forums (not group forums)



Nicola, I don’t need help with that part. Got that figured out. ;) See, I don’t want to use the group forums at all. I just want a general forum. So I installed it at /forums and I integrated it. My question was if css styling/adding page navigation was my best bet for making it “look” integrated. I think the answer is “yes”.

Burt, I hear ya. I need a forum to take over for a currently vibrant and active Invision Power Board installation. I and the other admins are so used to all the features, privacy, levels of privacy, user moderation, terms of service, etc. that bbPress seems lacking. Simple:press delivers on some of those things, but I’m not happy with the cluttered, busy look of it.

But, this decision does not just come down to styling. I think I’ve managed to make my forums (bbPress) look just like my main site (though could use the BuddyBar there :D ). It is more the features that I need right now.

I am leaning toward going with bbPress and working on/waiting for those features. But I’m not sure.

Thanks for the input.

Let me ask you another question? When I log in on my main site, then go to my forums, it does not show me as logged in. However, if I do a Ctrl-F5 complete refresh, then I am logged in. So is this a cache issue? Do you know how I can fix it?

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