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Re: Best WYSIWYG for forums



I am interested in this as well.

For my site I had I bbPress forum before (now have BP forums!) and I was so frustrated with the poor options out there for a WYSYWIG solutions.

Many other bullettin boards provide editor that just works fine and are easy for everybody to use.

Thing is, I have the feeling that bbPess is more used by designers and developpers and within those communities, very few need a WYSYWIG.

But with BuddyPress we need to give users the possibility to easily post images and format text. And the least to ask is that it should work. I mean, not doing weird stuff when you push the post button, or when you want to edit what you already posted (i run into all kind of stuff, and I tried them all, on bbPress).

I didn’t try TinyMCE for BP yet. May give it a shot. But if anyone has figured out a proper solution for the “human user”, not the “developper user”, just report it here, please.

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