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Re: Blog Avatar?

Adam W. Warner


oooh oooh, Mr. Kotter!…

I didn’t realize the blog avatars weren’t able to be changed until I read this thread. I’m still developing the site and learning BP.

This would not only be a welcome functionality for blog owners to be able to “brand” their sites better, but would allow site admins to have better looking blog directories, plain and simple.

Now, with that said, and I’m not quite sure how this would fit into BP because I don’t currently have this plugin running on my install, but there is a “premium” plugin for WPMU available for blog avatars, named accordingly, “Avatars”. You can find it here:

So, does this need to be an official feature request?

p.s. If you don’t get the reference of the first line of this thread, see here and here

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