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Re: Blog posts and comments not showing in global streams

There is no privacy-related plugin in either /plugins/ or /mu-plugins/ anymore.

What I have found out in the meantime is that after the movement of the buddypress plugin to the /plugin/ directory – I had to manually enable it on the top-level site. It also does appear as a regular plugin an ALL other sites (which feels flawed, as those sites should not list this plugin as “inherited option”).

The other sites get the standard MU-Admin bar. If I enable the BuddyPress plugin on that sites manually, I do get the BP-Admin-Bar again and it seems that their updates are being shown on the top-level site again. This feels like I need to got through all of the MU blogs an enable the BuddyPress Plugin manually.

From my conceptual understanding I think this can’t be the intended way – a BP installation should be globally – not per blog.

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