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Re: /blogs/?random-blog redirects then WP redirects

I have been doing a little more digging into this problem and the same bug effects:


For instance, you have a post on your main blog called ‘testing BuddyPress’, and someone creates a group called ‘test’ – each time you try to access that group, WordPress will magically use its rewrite rules class and send you to the post entry.

To start with, I thought it may have been a WordPress bug, but no… its WordPress’ default behavior.

It seems that currently BuddyPress is doing its own URL rewriting and then WordPress takes over to convert to find ‘THIS‘ as a possible candidate for a place to be.

I have no experience using the correct methods of plugging into the WordPress rewrite rules structure and I am still getting familiar with the ins and outs of BuddyPress – but I hope to keep people posted on my findings.

Firstly, makes it sound simple to utilise the correct and preferred WordPress ways of doing things correctly.

Secondly, If this is the case – it is a good job this has been spotted early because I have a feeling that fixing BuddyPress to use the above would require some core changes.

For anyone interested in the way WordPress looks at its URL’s, paste the following into the <body> of your test theme’s header.php

<?php global $wp_rewrite;

The important part to look at is [rules] => Array that has no mention of blogs, groups or members.


I will continue getting to grips with BuddyPress internals and reporting my findings…

I hope this has helped someone getting closer to fixing!

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