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Re: BP Album+ : my new plugin for pictures



@Tosh, @Baur, @Modemlooper, @Jedbarish

Thanks for your very fast replies. The problem you are experiencing was caused by a problem with a failed SVN commit, and’s plugin repository rolling-back to version 1.3 on about half of our files without telling us.

Obviously, that broke the plugin.

Upgrade to the 1.5 and the problem will vanish. If you’re still having trouble, just delete the entire bp-album folder and copy the bp-album 1.5 folder in its place. It will start working again instantly.

@Xevo – I think the version number incrementing thing is very funny. What’s with all this version 0.0.16 software out on the Internet. I want to be at version 87.5 by 2012 …lol!

@hnla – two questions:

First, did version 1.3 work?

Second, are you running MySQL in “Strict” mode?


We’ve temporarily switched to single options to make debugging faster for the admin panel upgrade.

We wanted to get the admin panel version out absolutely as fast as possible AND have a table we can easily ask users to view using PHPmyAdmin if something goes wrong.

You are clever for noticing this! Don’t worry, we will remove it once we are sure everything works properly.


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