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Re: BP Album+ : my new plugin for pictures

– two questions:

First, did version 1.3 work?

Second, are you running MySQL in “Strict” mode?

1/ No never tried 1.3, first install was with 1.4 and bad timing on my part as it was literally two minutes before you uploaded 1.5 :-) deactivated 1.4 unzipped new files reactivated, devision issues cleared but errors appeared as above.

2/ Hmm Strict Mode – almost certainly not however not 100% sure but this was on my local dev running pretty loose in all server respects and think Strict Mode would have been an issue arising before as I have perhaps half a dozen test installs in various states and not having issues, it’s true also that I have a further company dev server and two live servers so get confused sometimes what is running what.

I’m on the company network so am going to try installing to my local dev copy here and see what gives if it works here then it’s an issue with my set up which I’ll track down and report for the record.

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