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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



@21cdb – Its open on my workstation right now, getting written. I’m just checking over some of our source files right now to make sure all of our functions properly deal with the situation that was causing the defect in BP Links. Then it’s back to work on the multiple album capabilities.

I would guess perhaps 2 or 3 days more work before we post another beta.

Following that, we’re going to be doing all our dev work through the WordPress SVN, so you’ll be able to download updated files like …every night, if you want to.

We are currently working on:

1) Multiple albums for each user

2) Album-based workflow. Basically a copy of Facebook’s Photo app.

3) Albums for groups.

While FaceBook is a good start, nobody has ever implemented an effective albums for groups application before, so there is no “gold standard” for us to copy. You can greatly accelerate the development process by helping us design one.

We use something called a “user story” to describe BP Album+ from different points of view:

Can you guys write a user story from the point of view of:

1) An administrator

2) An anonymous user off the Internet

3) A logged-in member viewing their own profile

4) A logged-in member viewing a friend’s profile

5) A logged-in member viewing a stranger’s profile


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