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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



I really like to follow your development and i raelly appriciate how transparent you’re keeping the developmet and how much your are listining to the demands of us users.

Keep it up this way!

I wrote a short user story:

1) An administrator: I would like to see all albums even if they set to private or not. I would like to hide pictures with inappropriate content. They shouldn’t be visible for site members anymore, but the owner should see them darkened out with a message overlaying the picture “This picture was removed due to inappropriate content” – something like this.

2) An anonymous user off the Internet: Should only be able to see the “public” pictures.

3) A logged-in member viewing their own profile: Should have an Main Menu Item “Albums” or even better “Photos” that shows all of his pictures and all pictures of his friends (newest Uploads on top – so they can easily discover whats new). There should be an “Upload Photos” button on this page (After clicking you will be ask if you would like to upload a single picture or if you would like to create an album). The Page should also hold a subnav with some Options as “Photos of my friends – Photos i’m tagged on – My uploaded Photos – Upload Photos”

4) A logged-in member viewing a friend’s profile: Should have an Main Menu Item “Albums/Photos” with all of the photos uploaded by “John Doe” and a subnav with “Photos John Doe is tagged on”.

5) A logged-in member viewing a stranger’s profile: Should have an Main Menu Item “Albums/Photos” with all public pictures the “stranger” uploaded.

I was also thinking of pictures uploaded to groups. I guess it should be enough if there would be an “Album/Photos” Menu Item in the mainnav of the group. This page should hold all group pictures and an “Upload Photos” button.

That should be enough for the beginning.

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