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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



Here’s the latest beta release of BP Album+

Now with ALBUMS, album-based workflow, and multi-size images like Flickr!

This beta also features fully documented WordPress-Compliant source code, so if you’re a developer it will be easy for you to understand and help us extend the plugin.

To install this beta, you’ll need to wipe-out the previous version’s plugin directory and database tables. Also, go to the admin screen and click “save” before starting to use the plugin. It makes the plugin auto-generate the default album thumbnail image.

Next up:

1) High quality template files to show-off all the new features we added, and properly working pagination.

2) Bulk media uploader

3) Albums for groups

4) Streaming video like YouTube. (Obviously, you’ll need a dedicated server for this so you can install Red5)


PS: Could somebody take some screen caps and post them to the forum so everyone can see the new features? Thanks!

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