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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



@Gene53, @ajohnson, @Tosh, @coffeeholic

Okay, clearly there’s something wrong in the plugin code, so I’m going to have to figure out:

a) What your systems have in common, and

b) What’s different between your systems and my system (because obviously it works on my system …lol).

So, some questions for all four of you:

1) What OS is your server running on (linux, windows, etc)

2) What OS is your browser operating on?

3) What browsers have you tried, and what happened in them (Opera, Safari, FireFox, IE, and Chrome)

4) What version of WP are you using. Is it single or MU?

5) Do you have any other plugins running? What are they? Does it still crash when you disable them?

6) Can you please post a copy of your wp error log file. Located in the /wp-admin/er-logs/ directory.

7) Can you please post a copy of your apache error log file. If you’re testing on xampp it’s located in xampp/apache/logs/error.log If you’re testing on a web host, you’ll need to download or ask them for a copy.

If you guys give us good debugging info, hopefully we can get this nailed in a couple of hours.



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