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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



@foxly I am going to test the new beta, which looks promising.

I did installed it in the plugins directory along with the old one, and in order to test it (live site), I switch the folder name of the plugin to make it active (the old with the new). When I switch for the new (beta) I think that all the previously uploaded images are not there in profiles/photos. Does that mean that members need to re-upload again?

Othewise, there were a few fixes I needed to solve with the old plugin, mainly caused by the fact that my WP installation is in a SUBFOLDER (and surely enough, I am not the only one with such a setup). So please consider coding paths to file so that it works fine for both cases (WP in root and WP in subfolder).

You can find more about it here, with code fixes kindly provided by the other plugin author, Francesco.

The original thread was closed, don’t know why and don’t know by who, without a word to me:

This configuration and fixes surely apply to many other. (I am not the only one having WP in a sub folder, am I?).

Well, thanks for taking this into consideration for the next release.

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