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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion




1) You can’t just “switch” from version 0.1.7 to, because doesn’t have an upgrade routine (because its a beta). If you install it on a server that already has a 0.1.7 install, all sorts of strange things will happen.

If you really, really want to upgrade to, you’ll have to delete all of your user’s uploaded images, delete all of 0.1.7’s database tables, then install; but for systems with existing users that have uploaded a lot of media, it’s probably just better to wait until we put out the next release version.

2) BP Album+ works just fine when you install WP in a subfolder. The reason it doesn’t work properly on *your* installation is because you’ve used some “hack” posted on the Internet to modify your installation to hide the subfolder from the URL displayed in the browser.

Guys, there is a lot of VERY BAD advice posted on the Internet about how you can cut and paste code into WordPress to do various things, and a lot of this advice is incomplete or wrong. The hack you’re using only handles *one* way plugins get the base URI, and as you install more plugins you will start to get all sorts of problems.

If you want to install WordPress in a subdirectory, the correct way to do it is to set it up as a virtual host in your apache config file, or using a redirect:

Redirect: (OK)

Virtual host: (Best)

3) It’s relatively easy for us to make the URI’s to media items in BP Album+ configurable, no matter how somebody sets up a WP installation, if that’s what you guys want.

…but based on my research so far, we *cannot* fix the problem with images not showing up in the activity stream on WP installs that are a) in a subdirectory and b) not using a redirect or virtual host method of URL shortening, because of the way *BuddyPress* stores activity stream attachments.

How BP Album+ stores an image URI:

[$offset] + [ / album / 04 / kittens_15.jpg]

How the BuddyPress activity stream stores an image URI (last I checked…. I will research this more when I have time):

[ ]

So when you use a hack to dynamically change your base URI, BP Album+ can handle it (because we dynamically generate the full URI), the BuddyPress activity stream cannot handle it (because it uses a static URI) and the activity stream post items break.

But the bottom line is, all of this is happening because you haven’t set up your WP installation properly and are using “hacks” off the Internet to mess with your site.

Set up your WP install properly, and you won’t have problems.



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