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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion




Do you think it is possible to use a redirect rule in .htaccess instead of going with the cPanel option from the video you provided? (I do not have cPanel, and I am on MediaTemple), to have images to doisplay fine in the activity stream?

Please note that WP itself installed in a subfolder is not a problem (, and URLs are generated without the subfolder. It is the BuddyPress components that generates the subfolder in URLs/permalinks. And that is the reason why I needed this code (who was provided by r-a-y) to get rid of it:

// Getting rid of the subfolder in URLs/permalinks
function my_bp_override_core_domain() {
$domain = get_bloginfo('url');
return $domain;

I believe that as you said, many could be the issues with WP in a subfolder if not handled properly, but I also believe that there are *many* users using a subfolder installation, and probably the core BP should take this into consideration and properly handle one option (root installation) or another (subfolder installation), without having to use workarounds.

There is an article from Jeff Starr that may be interesting:

I did try different solutions, but none of them worked.

But because this is not related only to your plugin, I will probably going to open a thread about the whole subfolder-related topic.

Still, if you got an answear for me, I am here.


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