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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



From our mailbox…

Not a big deal as this is a dev env but I thought I’d show you something I am observing in case it happens to others.

bp-album v 0.1.9, bp v 1.2.3, wpmu 2.9.2

You can see it in action at http://[redacted]

You’ll notice my test user ‘Sam Witwicky’ uploaded a pic yesterday (note time since) but somehow the action grabbed a reply from last week. If the streams got crossed and I have a corrupt activity table that’s fine. It keeps happening as I load test images though. Happy to delete entries in tables but i can’t figure out why this is occurring. Just started with 0.1.9.

Also notice that the urls for the images and title in the activity stream are wrong.

for ex http://[redacted]/members/test19/photos/single-media/7/ instead of


so clicking does a redirect back to the root

I’m guessing it’s all related.

On a side note, I really appreciate your work on this and willingness to work with everyone. I’m pretty much ready to release my site to prod once bp-album is ready for prime time. I have held off doing any major styling to bp-album areas until you give the go ahead that core html tags and arrangements are all set.


You are experiencing two known defects in the BP Album+ beta.

The first problem is happening because the “Album Item” and the “Media Item” classes do not yet generate globally unique ID’s for activity stream posts, so occasionally they collide, causing the plugin to retrieve the wrong media item.

The second problem is happening because we haven’t finished updating the URL generation code that creates the thumbnail link to activity stream items. WordPress then catches the resulting 404 error and throws the browser back to the home page.

Fear not!

All of this will be fixed in the next beta. We thought it was more important to demonstrate albums capability than to have everything working perfectly. You should NEVER install one of these “community feedback” betas on a live site. They are only intended to get the community’s feedback on how we are implementing features.



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