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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



GSoC acceptance is very good because I can use more of my time for coding, btw the GSoC project is not related only to this plugin but also to a new moderation component ( you can read more here )
I’ll post more detailed information on the project when roadmap/milestones are defined with mentors (Boone Gorges & Andy Peatling).
GSoC timeline provides some weeks of community bonding before start coding the project (that obviusly doesn’t mean that I am not coding at all, we are working on other features)
New site focus much more on groups, expecially for plugins, so I’ll create two groups, one for BP Album+ and one for the new plugin (I think it’s going to be called BuddyPress Moderation, if you have a better name you can suggest ;) ) where you can read updates, give feedback, etc.
As someone suggested having only one huge thread make difficult to follow all the topics, so having a group should make it easier and it’s more social too. ( @foxly I’ll add you as bp-album group admin as soon as it’s created).

on bp-album in the core: this plugin will not be merged in the core, bp needs to be used in any type of community so it has to be no-frills, btw 1.3 will have a page in the setup with plugin suggestions so important features that are not in the core can easily be added.

on mobile support: I think first step is to make bp mobile friendly then plugins will follow the core example. I mean that core protocol with support for plugins is much more better then each plugin with it’s own protocol.

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