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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



@Sadr – What is confusing you is the difference between a “release” build and a “development” build.

We are using what are called “agile software development” methods [ ] to decide on features, build, test, and revise our plugin software all at the same time.

By using a concurrent versions system [ ] every developer on the team has their own version of the plugin with the features that they are adding.

So when I say that something is “done”, I mean that it has been written and tested but has not necessarily been released yet.

Every few days, the developers merge [ ] our code branches together, and create a “beta” release. We then post it on this forum to allow all of our stakeholders (you guys!) to test it.

After we are very, very sure that there are no bugs in the software, finally we post it as an “official” release on the WordPress plugin repository.

We must be VERY careful about the quality of official releases, because they are automatically broadcast to every current user of our plugin, and even the tiniest defect could crash *thousands and thousands* of people’s websites.

So, the version being offered on the WP plugin website is always many steps out of date.

We’re planning to do our next code merge on Saturday or Sunday and get the 0.1.7 beta out for testing on Monday night.

Considering that we’ve gone from *nothing* to this:

in ten days, I think we’re doing very well! :) :)


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