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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion

Facebook style. But really don’t code it so we theme developers can’t re arrange it.

Was going to say exactly the same as modemlooper has.

Theming must be left as much as possible to the fronttend coders, I understand the necessity to have to have some default layout out of the box but it’s crucial that if we develop themes (rather than skins ) they be as sacrosanct as possible. I already have a degree of apprehension in building themes after the transition from the 1.1.* approach to 1.2 where the default theme is moved to the plugin directory for ease of upgrading as this suggests each upgrade will actually cause us issues.

Modemloopers suggestions are just about on the money, group albums, and maybe the ability to aggregate all albums on one page possibly? but not sure if that is that important just reminded that SN such as Ning have a page where all uploaded images may be viewed.

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